I got more than a client

When you work with a personal trainer there is a bond and relationship that forms. I have wanted to highlight a Client of the Month for some time and this client has made it apparent that I cannot delay any longer. So take a bow Melissa Cassel!!! I started working with Melissa Cassel a year ago when she decided to make her health a priority. When we first met she told me she hated exercise, was not coordinated and would proceed to kick, scream and complain the whole time. She held true to those promises but she met her goals of toning and feeling good in her clothes and then she started to enjoy the work because she was hooked on the benefits. I even caught her one time saying that she enjoyed our time together and felt better than she has in years.
What makes Melissa successful….well I can try to take all the credit but that would not be the full story. Melissa is determined, she is totally aware and accepts her weaknesses, she knows her barriers, and she has GOALS. Melissa sets goals and stays focused on them. If you know Melissa in a professional setting I am sure you are happy to work with her because she is a force to be reckoned with.
As a trainer, I review client goals often to make sure we stay on track and your needs are being met. We also take measurements and track progress. As the New Year rolls around we all tend to think about making new goals and reassessing our progress. What makes Melissa different…she is one step ahead of me…pushing and asking for more. She is also looking out for others which pushes me. When a trainer and client relationship becomes symbiotic it is something special and can lead to amazing results. So when Melissa sent me a message before New Year’s asking me of what my business goals were for the coming year and if I had thought about x, y and z….I just had to smile and say “That’s Melissa” and damn it now I have to start Client of the Month and put myself out there! I am so grateful to train Melissa and help her obtain her fitness goals.
So how do you become like Melissa? First, you schedule a personal training session with me. (kidding…not kidding) Seriously, you dig deep….you do things you haven’t done before…you put yourself out there. Look at yourself in the mirror and take a long hard look. A long, hard look deep inside. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what you see….thank yourself for who you are and where you are and accept yourself, because that is when change can occur and that is why Melissa is so successful. She has admitted she hates exercise and loves food and she is not coordinated but she will be healthy and strong and she will feel good in her clothes. You are truly an inspiration to many Melissa.
Dig Deep and Go Get It.
This picture was developed from an inspiration that I had from Melissa. She has decided to do things a little different to get to the results she wants. Photo credit goes to Kristy Michelle Photography….that story is in another blog post which is a whole other dig deep inspiration on the relationship between a photographer and personal trainer!

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