How I out smarted my dentist….

I have been told that some people are as afraid to walk into the gym as I am to walk into the dentist.  I don’t believe this for one second, however, it has given me a new perspective when approaching a new client or talking to someone about fitness.  I mean I am legit afraid of the dentist.  It starts the night before.  I feel an increase in my anxiety.  There is definite denial and emotional eating going on and the day of the appointment?  Forget about it….you don’t want to be near me and you definitely don’t want to be my dentist.  In my defense, I have had numerous dental incidents which have caused this fear and I am now to the point of putting off dental procedures until there is no option and that is when the involuntary tensing and increased anxiety will occur.

Does this sound familiar to all of you who will not step into the gym?  I can so relate to you.  Maybe you had a bad experience or maybe  you were just not thrilled with the experience or the results.  I have had my tongue drilled, a crown was too high and never felt right, TMJ, a root canal that never fixed the issue that I am still trying to deal with and sensitivity to cold and chocolate for Pete’s sake.  How am I supposed to live with that?  And that is the point….you can’t.  Denial will not change the facts.  That I need to go to the dentist and you need to exercise.  However, it doesn’t have to cause this much stress and anxiety.  It needs to make you feel better and you need to enjoy the experience.

I usually set myself up with a treat after a dental appointment.  However, I have been known to devour said treat (King sized Peppermint Patty) in the parking lot before even entering the building.  I also stress about when my next meal will be after dental work so I will sometimes gorge myself prior to the appointment to ensure I will not be hungry ever again.  What is this logic?  Do you gym haters feel this way?  I feel you…get yourself so amped up and have rewards in place to compensate for your discomfort?

Well, good news friends.  I just outsmarted my dentist.  I found a new one.  

I found a dentist who heard me when I told him I didn’t like him.  That listened when I said I would rather be anywhere than in his office.  That took action when I said I was concerned about my TMJ.  And I rewarded myself for taking action of the situation and speaking up for my needs and not staying in denial.  My reward looks like a smoothie and a pedicure.  And I have never felt better.  We are going to get along just fine. Dr Flood and his staff have set my dentist bar pretty high from now on!

So I challenge you…it shouldn’t feel bad, you shouldn’t feel anxiety.  Okay maybe the first day, class, session…but what is life without a few butterflies?  If you are not happy with the experience or the results it needs to change.  Who knows, you may actually enjoy it.

Everyone needs a coach and a dentist…find one who listens and treats you well and gets you the results you are looking for.

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