Those who workout together….crush it together.

This week I met with Beth & Matt for a transformation session.  Beth had inquired about a program for her husband who had gained some weight and traveled for work but she also wanted to get on board because she had recently gained a few pounds.  They had a surprise family vacation planned and wanted to be able to enjoy the trip a little bit healthier.  A transformation sessions is the first step to getting you started on your fitness journey.  We meet and talk about your history and your current situation and where you want to go.

Prior to a transformation session the client will fill out the intake forms so I have an idea of what you are looking for, your medical history or any limitations.  I also delve into your nutritional profile which not only allows me to see where you are nutritionally but also tells me about your lifestyle.  There are no right answers and the only wrong answers are the ones that are not truthful. The first step in change is taking a good look at where you are starting.  Well, it is not only the first step but the most important.  You can’t treat the symptoms if you don’t know the illness.

So getting back to Beth and Matt…We all know that behind every successful man is an army of women.  Well, maybe just one.   Beth was looking to get back on track after an illness sent them down a path of stress and treatments and led to weight gain.  Matt was along for the ride.  They were looking for discipline and accountability.   I reviewed their forms and set up a Partner Crush that would get them to their goal of heading on their trip a little bit healthier.

The Partner Crush program consists of the following:

  • Before/After pictures and measurements
  • Weekly menus consisting of 4 recipes/week
  • Snack Menu
  • Restaurant Guide and Assistance
  • 3-4 strength workouts/week scheduled online or in person
  • Bi-weekly 30 min Q&As

After the face to face meeting I build the Partner Crush specifically for you and your partner.   This will set you up for success.  We go over menu specifics, likes and dislikes, allergies, cooking requirements.  We review fitness levels and I build you an individual workout for each of your needs.  I set goals for each one and then they work together for a partner goal.  For instance, Beth is working on muscle gain/strength and Matt is working on weight loss.  Their partner goal is to head on their trip a few pounds lighter.

When I met Beth and Matt I was overwhelmed by an amazing partnership of energy, love and commitment.  These two are going to crush it!   And I am hoping they revise their partner goal to take a traveling trainer on their vacation because they can’t live without me.  I mean…what is life without goals?

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