The Gift that keeps on giving…

Meet Todd…and read his story.  This is the testimonial that he wrote about his experience of working with me….and I did not threaten him with with lunges and burpees to get him to write this.  I could not have said it better myself…

Todd’s Testimony:

I have always been an active person, but work and family responsibilities began to take over my schedule a little more each year.  I had added about 20 pounds as I exited my 30’s into my early 40’s.  My clothes no longer fit, my joints ached more and more.  I began to no longer want to do the recreation sports I had always enjoyed.  In response to my situation, my wife hired Marci to come to our home and whip me back into shape as a Christmas present.

Shortly thereafter, Marci started coming to our home two mornings per week for 45 minutes.  The sessions were filled with exercises I was not familiar with that seemed like they would be easy at first… I quickly found they were not.  With Marci’s encouragement I forced my self to complete each session.  As my ability level increased, so did Marci’s recommended exercises.  Marci made it just hard enough that I had to push myself hard to complete it but was careful not to overwhelm me.  Each session did not feel routine, so I never got bored or complacent.

Marci also got both my wife and I on track with our diet as my wife began to join our workouts.  We followed Marci’s recommendations with our diet, combined with the 2 sessions per week, and we both began dropping weight very quickly.  I lost over 20 pounds in about 5-6 weeks.  More importantly I have maintained that weight for one year.  I feel stronger, healthier than I have in years.  I have had to replace most of my wardrobe and I feel more confident as a person.  I am also confident that I can maintain this level of fitness due to Marci’s coaching, but I would not be where I am today without it.

Throughout this process I learned a few things.  I would not push myself as hard without Marci.  I would not attend the sessions if Marci had not helped make the sessions so convenient to our schedules.  I would never have achieved the results I have today without Marci’s encouragement and the accountability she provided.

I feel I owe Marci a huge thank you for helping me get back in shape before I wasted another year not living my life to its potential.  I have recommended Marci to several of our close friends who had similar needs and they too have had a similar experience.  Marci is a wonderful caring person who will help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe, healthy and enjoyable fashion.  Do yourself or a loved one a favor and introduce them to Marci today!

Amazing Todd!  Keep digging!  See you tomorrow at 6am!!

Let’s start writing your fitness story together…or maybe your loved one’s who you care for and want to give the gift of health.

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