Healthy 56! Eat Whole. Get Fit. Live Well.

Ready to make yourself a priority but you are not sure what to do or where to start?  Have you tried to lose weight on your own or other programs?  Are you looking for encouragement, accountability and coaching?  Are you looking to build sustainable healthy habits that last a lifetime?

Healthy 56 is an 8 week wellness program that promotes whole foods and education to help you develop the healthy habits that you need to achieve your health goals.  Clean up your diet, your mind and reduce your waistline all in 56 days.


Every day throughout the 8 weeks you are provided with a daily educational email that will teach you why you need to make the choices and how you need to fuel your body.  You will learn everything from nutritional requirements, fat/fiber/protein needs, latest nutrition trends, caloric requirements to reading nutrition labels and more.

Each week you will receive a weekly menu plan which includes a schedule and recipes as well as a shopping list.  The recipes are all whole foods, clean and absolutely delicious.  They are quick and easy to cook and completely family friendly.  You will come away from the 8 weeks with a whole box of keepers!

Personal coaching is at your finger tips for the 56 days.  Prior to the kickoff date you are entitled to a one on one transformation session conducted in person or online.  During this 30 min session, we review your specific fitness goals and nutrition program.  We take before pictures and measurements.  As we work through the 56 days I will challenge you with accountability checks and motivate you through your obstacles.  This is not like any other program you have every done so get ready to dig deep and break through all those barriers that have been holding you back.

We all know you need a tribe and that is why Healthy 56 is conducted in a group format.  There are key times of the year when most of us are ready to dig deepest.  A group program is launched during those times and the groups are filled with like minded, positive people all ready to dig in and encourage others.  However, some of us need a bit more coaching or guidance due to health issues, dietary concerns or maybe you just can’t wait until the next kickoff.  One on one programs are run and coached whenever needed.

No matter what format, group or solo, weekly online meetings are conducted.  We review the prior week and prep for the week ahead.  There are weekly topics that help you tackle one goal at a time and work through your barriers onto creating healthy habits.  It is amazing to see the transformations through the 8 weeks.  Most individuals lose 10-20lbs and 2-6 inches off their hips and waist.  However, the greatest result is feeling great.  Sleeping better, more energy, less heartburn and indigestion.  These are the results that may not be your starting goal but when you feel good everything has a way of getting better and these often are the outcomes that make you feel the best.

Healthy 56 is a holistic program.  We know all too well how stress affects your health and how lifestyle can affect your nutrition choices.  Healthy 56 addresses your well being as well as your nutritional needs.  We incorporate mindset, positive thinking, goal setting and stress management.  We also address the fitness aspect of your lifestyle.  There are exercise suggestions in the emails but there is also an exercise portion that can be added to Healthy 56.  These are online workouts that can be done at home and are scheduled based on your starting fitness level.

First thing you need to do is take a few moments to acknowledge where you are on your journey.  Once you know your starting place it is time to start digging.  Even if you aren’t quite sure where to start but know you are ready to do something to better your health.  Schedule the transformation session and we can discuss your journey.  I am so excited for you!  Let’s do this!!

Ready to sign up for Healthy 56?  The group program is ready to kickoff Jan 8th.  The cost is $399.  Sign up early and take advantage of the early bird specials.  Sign Up HERE.

Have more questions or want to schedule the transformation session to discuss your personal plan?  Let’s do it.  Schedule HERE.

Group sessions are starting soon!  Stay in the loop with Healthy 56 and receive updates and recipes by signing up for the newsletter HERE.

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