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What do photographers and personal trainers have in common? We take individuals that may feel inadequate, awkward, unsure or downright not good about them and empower them to love themselves from inside and out. Well, at least that is what Kristie Michelle Photography did for me and that is a goal of mine while working with clients.

I was in need of fitness photos and a profile shot for my website and promotional materials. And I can tell you it is like jean shopping. How do you find a photographer? I was introduced to Kristie Michelle from a personal referral and checked out her blog. Clean, fresh, natural photos. I was in….loved her outdoor stuff and scheduled a session. She was so friendly, sweet and easy to work with. I was nervous, rushed and awkward….and feeling very uneasy about being photographed. I was not feeling very good about myself.
When you have a personal photo session all the emphasis is on you…there is no one to hide behind, focus on or even look at for that matter. It is all you. And it is very uncomfortable. Especially when you are not happy with yourself. The photo session was as comfortable as I allowed it to be…Kristie Michelle was able to relax me and we worked through 3 different settings, different outfits and set ups. She was patient, helpful, friendly and very accommodating.

When I got my photos back from Kristie Michelle I kicked and screamed and critiqued each and every one. I was not accepting of myself and how the pictures turned out….it was where I was inside, not happy with me. Then I started to think about the similarities between photography and personal training….we have many of the same challenges. We need to empower individuals to feel good about themselves by pictures or workouts. However, it is the work of the client to accept the challenge…they have to be ready for the work. And if you are not ready to accept yourself for who you are and where you are at…nothing a photographer or personal trainer can do will make a difference.

I took some time, did some work, loved myself and accepted where I was and I ended up loving some pretty great pictures from the very talented Kristen Michelle Photography. Thank you Kristen, for putting up with my kicking and screaming…these were my demons I needed to work through. Your work is amazing and when I changed the filter from #criticism to #selflove amazing things began to happen.
So when you are ready, schedule a photo session or set up a personal training consult. We are ready when you are….

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