How To Find A Good Trainer

So you have decided you want to hire a personal trainer. Congratulations! But now what? Overwhelmed by the options and not really sure what makes a good trainer? Here are 10 things to consider when looking to hire a trainer. Take your time and go with your gut because this could be an amazing experience on a physical and mental level.

Make sure your trainer has the knowledge to transform your fitness level. The golden standard would be a degree in the human body or movement. However, just because someone holds a degree does not mean they will make a good coach. That is where a certification would come into play. Certifications vary in intensity and knowledge required. There are one day certifications or lengthy in depth certs that teach and test a trainer on their knowledge and ability. Don’t be afraid to ask your trainer what certifications they hold and what is involved in maintaining their certification.

Your trainer will most likely have a niche for clients. Ask who their client base is and make sure you fit into their niche. Your trainer should have experience with training individuals who are looking for the same results you desire. Also, ask your trainer about their experience through out their career. How long have they been training and in what environment. Your trainer should have direct experience with your needs.

When you meet with your trainer make sure you like them! Go with your gut here. Personality is subjective so there is not one trait that will make a better trainer. Maybe you are looking for someone who is soft spoken and knowledgeable or maybe you will respond better to a drill sergeant. Just make sure you get along!

Ask your trainer what their philosophy is on fitness and nutrition. There are so many programs, diets and supplements on the market. Find our what your trainer stands behind and make sure it sits well with you.

What does your trainer excel in? Their specialties will usually become apparent in their training. If a trainer specializes in boxing you may notice some footwork or agility moves straight from the ring. Or someone who specializes in yoga may incorporate some postures into your stretching.

If you are not spending money on your fitness you are saving for your illness. A good trainer is worth the money but it also has to fit your budget. Trainers usually price themselves based on their expertise and location. Sessions can be sold separately but will often be packaged to increase accountability and affordability. Monthly programs are rising in popularity and offer a certain number of sessions per month as well as nutrition services. Make sure your trainer can offer you a program that will fit your budget.

We all have busy lives and packed schedules and it is hard enough to find time to exercise. Make sure your trainer can accommodate your schedule needs. However, this is where you may find yourself being pushed a bit for the first time. You may not get first pick of a time slot and may have to push yourself outside of that comfort zone to get on their schedule. Give it a try. Maybe getting up 30 mins earlier wont be as terrible as you think and you can always adjust timing in the weeks to come.

Training has to be convenient. Is their facility at a location you can get to easily and are you comfortable there. Many people who hire trainers are not comfortable in big, busy gyms. Is their training space private and do you feel comfortable? Some trainers offer in home training options which bring the convenience right to your house and leave the excuses on the front door step. It doesn’t take much to throw a home gym together so discuss all the options with your trainer.

A good trainer should have a way to track your progress. What method will they use to measure results and report them to you? Will they re-evaluate your program after a certain amount of weeks or a package? Find out the method of tracking that your trainer uses.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references or testimonials from clients. How do people feel about this trainer? Many times trainers that work in local gyms are well know in the fitness community. Start asking around and see what comes up.

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