Group Fitness classes at Dig In Fitness are all about getting dirty.

Get Ready To Dig In…
Classes are offered at Skippack Martial Arts. Class sizes are kept small and personal. Classes are challenging but supportive and modifications are given for every fitness level. Classes are conducted barefoot. Just bring a bottle of water and come in a few minutes early so we can set you up. First Class is FREE! Sign up by clicking on a class on the schedule below.

BURN – Strength class designed to tone muscle. Kettle-bells, resistance bands and other toning equipment used to strengthen and tone muscles. Low Impact Class. 30 min. All levels.

POWER BOXING – Cardio/Strength Class. Mix of Boxing with a heavy bag and body weight strength moves to condition and tone your entire body. Exercises done in short timed intervals. Learn boxing basics to increase core strength, cardiovascular endurance and overall sense of being a bad ass. 45 min. All levels.

BOX & BURN – Best of both classes rolled into one intense full body workout. 1 hour. All levels.