Healthy 56 – A win over Ulcerative Colitis

Since starting Healthy 56, my ulcerative colitis symptoms vanished! I have never felt better, and REALLY feel like it was directly related to removing (most of) the sugar from my diet. In the past, I had it under control – however, I always had to be cautious. Once I changed my eating, it wasn’t long until I noticed my “normal” issues had disappeared.

Lately, although I have been diligent with my eating and exercise – I have gotten a little lazy with my sugar intake. Almost immediately, my ulcerative colitis symptoms returned! While I knew I had to address and correct the addition of sugar (not a lot.. . just more than I had been following previously) – I now truly know there is a connection between my sugar intake and my UC. It’s the motivation I needed to get back on track.

I’ve learned so much through this Healthy 56 journey – about food, myself, and my health. It’s been invaluable! I’m so glad I reconnected with you on Facebook and took the time to see what you were sharing. It’s been life changing, for sure

– Anne Clark Jan ’18

Healthy 56 – Complete Lifestyle transformation

“It has been 1 year since I started Healthy 56 with Marci. I am very proud to say that I have maintained the 42 pounds I lost, I am still working out, and feeling more confident than ever. In addition, I had my Annual Doctor’s appointment. After examining me, he told me how impressed he was with how I looked and also told me I had lost weight the correct way. He said I still had muscle tone and had lost fat. He also said that was the reason I was able to maintain my weight. Once again, I owe so much to Marci and her Awesome Healthy 56 Program!”

– Sue Sept ’17